Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I'm home!

Coming home has been a peaceful experience for me. There was a lot of stress involved in thoughts of coming home, but as it always seems to happen, the worry about an experience always overshadows the experience itself. Ever since I stepped on the train to leave my sweet Gijon, I have had a peace in my heart- one could say that this peace surpasseth all understanding. I know it's the Lord's way of telling me that this is where I now need to be.

I am happy. I am grateful for my mission. I am pleased with the experiences that the Lord allowed me to have and the growth that He enabled me to experience. It is a time I will never cease to treasure and one that I will never forget.

I know that the Lord lives. I testify of Him. I love Him and I am grateful to have His Gospel in my life, it has given me happiness that I cannot explain. Ahora, compartamoslo. Let's share it. Let's get on our knees, and ask for our opportunities and then get on our feet and find them. There are people waiting for the happiness that we have.

I love you all. Thank you for everything.

Here's to part two.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pictures November 2015

November 30, 2015 Letter


This might be my last time writing out a really long email to you on my
mission! Next week I'll be spending the day visiting people in Madrid
with my friend Hermana Shurtz. We started together and we'll be
companions for our last pday. I'm not sure what the schedule will be
like, but I'll write a little bit to let you know that I'm good and
everything. It really is winding down, isn't it? So crazy. I can't
believe how fast the time has gone, there were moments when I never
thought my mission would end. It is starting to hit me more and more,
in little moments. But overall, I feel ok. I'm excited to see what my
life holds for me! 

Last week for district conference, I asked
President Pack for a blessing. It was so special, actually. They know
that I've been having issues with going home and they told me that if
I wanted a blessing, I could ask him for one. So I did and it was a
really special, spiritual moment. He told me that Heavenly Father was
well pleased with the work I have done and that the Savior is
overjoyed with the person that I am becoming. He said that my mission
isn't ending, but that it has actually just begun. I felt a lot better
after than and since then, it's been going wonderfully. I feel content
with my mission, so grateful for it, and I'm happy for what is to
come. So yeah, I'm doing pretty good.

I'll tell you about some of the highlights of my week. :)
District conference!!
Like stake conference. But less people and a HUGE area of people come.
From one end of the district to the other it's 4 hours. So we all met
in the middle (Leon) and had the best district conference EVER. J.
M. came and loved every single second of it. He met president pack
and a member of the 70 and was just stunned with everything. J.
M. now has a baptismal fecha. We taught
him about fasting and he committed to doing his very first fast, mind
you he's 63, in his entire life this next Sunday with us. He's really
working on receiving an answer and were really excited for him. He's a
really good person and every single time I'm with him, I feel the
spirit so strongly. It's super cool.

We had over 50 people in sacrament meeting yesterday and it was the
most we've had in such a long time!! It was so cool. A lot of them
were investigators and less actives that we've been working with and
it was such a good feeling to see it. C. came for the first
time- in fact, it was her first time in any church in over 25 years-
and that was a huge miracle. She loved seeing the baptismal font, for
some reason. It really hit her hard and that was cool to see. JM
 took time off from his Catholic Church duties so that he could
stay for 2 hours instead of his usual one hour and that was cool. And
M., L.'s Cuban boyfriend that were teaching, came for the
second time and he wore his suit!! And it was so cool. They need to
get married or move out, but he will get baptized. I know he will.
Their goal is the temple and it's so cool to be here to take these
first steps with them.

J., the husband of N. that has been inactive for 14 years, is
keeping his commitment of reading the Book of Mormon with her every
single day and he's committed to coming to church on Sunday. We
invited him a few weeks ago and we finally had time to pass by and
follow up on his commitment. And he's locked in and ready to go! We're
sooo excited, it'll be his first time in 14 years coming. It's been
such a special experience working with him, were really excited to see

P. failed us for our lesson and for church, so we're thinking she's
not going to meet her baptismal date. It's disappointing but there
isn't any point in baptizing somebody if they are going to go inactive
anyways. I didn't ever want to do that on my mission. I love P. and
I'm disappointed that she's not progressing, but I know that Heavenly
Father loves her and has a plan for her. Whether it's now or in the
future, I know the gospel has changed her life. Thank you for your
prayers for her.

There were so many other cool experiences this week. I'm grateful for
it and grateful for the experiences that it brought. I love the
Atonement of Jesus Christ and I love my Heavenly Father.
So I just wanted to thank you for your work, all of you, in the work
of salvation. I know that Heavenly Father wants His children back and
we all have a part to play in it. Thank you for all being willing and
ready to give away a Book of Mormon and share the word of God,  which
is the word that heals the wounded soul (Jacob 2:8). Thank you for
your endless sacrifices and support to me, for crying with me and
rejoicing with me and just constantly writing me, praying for me and
allowing me to come here and have this incredible experience. I know
that families are central to Gods plan and He sent me to you for a
reason- for so many reasons. I want you all to know that I have been
prepared in my mission to serve my Heavenly Father for the rest of my
life. It is my greatest desire to return and help others return to
Him, as well, and that doesn't end with my mission. Our Savior lives,
and He makes good things possible in our lives. He has made salvation
possible, and He makes it so that exaltation is possible through His
Gospel. I know that this is a good work, and that God loves us. I am
grateful for trials that build our faith, and I am grateful for a
knowledge of the plan of salvation. I love my Savior. I know that
Joseph Smith was a prophet of the Lord, I know that the Priesthood and
the Gospel were restored through him. I know the Book of Mormon is the
word of God. I know of His patience, His love and His mercy. It's all
true and it's all real and I've felt it and I know it.

I love you all!! See you next week.