Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014 Letter

So tranfers were today and Hermana Fuller left! She is now in Alcobendas with one of my best friends from the CCM, Hermana Shurtz. Remember the story about "no dinero"? Yeah. That Hermana Shurtz. hahaha it´s so great that they get to be companions! I sort of feel like my two best friends are throwing a big party and I´m not invited... just kidding. This week was spent helping Hermana Fuller pack and also saying goodbye to everyone with her. I think that was hard for her but she is really excited to be there with Hermana Shurtz! My new companion is Hermana Inigoyen. She´s from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are one month apart in age and she has a couple more months in the mission than I do, so we´re basically at the same place in our mission and everything! It´s really awesome. She speaks a little bit of English and she´s really, really sweet. I think she´s a little shy, too, but that´s ok! Hopefully we can find a way to communicate effectively. I can tell she´s a really good missionary already. I think we´ll be able to work really well together and learn a lot from each other! I´m excited to see what this next transfer will bring! It´s so crazy cool that I´m not being trained anymore, either. Such a good feeling, actually! I got really tired of that, by the end. It´s going to be really good to get some stuff started and work really hard together, and I have a feeling that my Spanish is going to improve A LOT through this transfer together, which is what I really need! I´m excited to see how this goes. Nervous! But excited. :)

This week was awesome, though! Pretty normal. We´re having a hard time getting stuff going with people, but I think it will just come with time and talking to everyone. I think it´s going to be really good. V. is doing really well! We´re just working on keeping his animo up and helping him find a job. He´s a really good person and he´s grown so much, even since his baptism. He loves that everyone talks about him in their letters and everything! I think he feels like he has family all over the world, which is really a good thing. I think one of my proudest moments of the week was on the metro on Saturday. We were on the Metro with Valentin and we were going to get off with him at Quintana, but we both felt like we should talk to this one lady that was sitting down on the Metro across from us. So V. got off and we went over to talk to her. Usually Hermana Fuller will do most of the contact, especially on the Metro, where it´s hard to hear and to interact without being creepy/awkward. But this time, Hermana Fuller sat down and I stood up next to the lady and I did the ENTIRE contact by myself! I didn´t understand everything that she was saying, but I was able to talk to her for two stops and really gain a good conversation with her. She was a really sweet lady, and although she wasn´t able to give us her phone number because she didn´t remember it, we gave her our card and I think it really was nice for her to have somebody really show and interest in her. It made me happy. My Spanish really has gotten better, and I´m starting to realize that more and more, the more time I spend with Hermana Inigoyen. We´ve been able to talk and get to know each other pretty well so far, mostly in Spanish! It´ll be good to have a companion that I can talk with all the time in Spanish. It really will help me so much. Our other investigators are doing really good. Trying to get people progressing is hard, but I know that we can find success! Everything is going to be great. I sort of feel like we´re completely starting over here,  but it´s going to be so great.

Life is going so good! I can definitely see myself changing out here. I feel different. Like, different but the same but just really happy. There are moments when I feel like I can´t go on anymore, but then I just say a prayer and keep going and things improve. It´s cool how God tests us and tries us and then just helps us get through the trials and be even stronger. This week is going to be crazy hard. I´m area training, I can´t really talk to my companion that well, we are trying to find new investigators and keep old ones going, take care of some crazy situations, but I KNOW that God is going to help us through it. I know He will give us what we need. I´m gaining a testimony of seeking the Lord´s will in all things. If we can do what He wants us to do and how, we will always be blessed. I know that.
I love you all sooooo much! I can´t wait to hear about this next week. I´m being and safe and healthy, don´t worry! Things are all good! LLOOOVVVEE YOUUU

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