Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 1, 2014 Letter

I had a really, super spiritual experience on the street the other day that was just crazy. Absolutely insane, and sadly, it is tinged with a little bit of regret, but I am still going to tell it because I learned a powerfully important lesson from it. So we were walking down the street and I saw this older, Spanish man sitting on a bench, drinking a beer and looking rather sad. I saw him and just KNEW that I had to talk to him, so I did. He wanted nothing to do with us, but we persisted and found out that he doesn´t believe in God because he feels like just another person- a drop in a huge sea that really isn´t making any waves. It was a sort of sad conversation but he really didn´t have any interest, so as we were getting ready to leave, the though came to my mind, "Say goodbye to him and call him Miguel". I about said it, but then hesitated because I realized that he hadn´t, in fact, told us his name yet. So I looked at him and he looked at me, and just then, my companion asked for his name. "Miguel," he said, "Me llamo Miguel". WHAT THE FREAK. His name was Miguel, I knew his name was Miguel, and the Lord knew His name was Miguel. I wish I would have said it. I really, honestly do. He needed to feel loved and he needed to know that the Lord knows him by name and loves him. And I hesitated and the opportunity was gone. BUt as we walked away, I knew that it was ok because now I know. I know that the Lord LOVES US and is so, so aware of us. He was aware of that sad Spanish man on the bench on Calle Alcala, and He is aware of me and the fact that I needed that testimony. I will not hestitate again. That is my goal. When a spiritual prompting comes, the moment to act is immediately, not minutes or even seconds later. It is now. So, there is my story. Learn from my mistakes, if needs be! I sure am.

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