Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015 Letter

Ok I am so sorry but we got stuck in the mountains today on our self-proclaimed snow day and we weren´t able to get back till really, really late so I literally have like, no time to write. We got out of the city and were there for awhile and it was the best!! So you´ll have to all forgive me for not writing too much this week, I´m so sorry! But I will send pics and stuff next week, so no worries. I´m doing great! We had a great week this week and I felt the Spirit a lot in our lessons. We found a new guy from Dominica who is golden! I´m really excited to be teaching him. New Years was spent contacting for hours and then sleeping a LOT. But happy año nuveo, everybody!! Hope that this one is even better than the last. I have this whole year to committ to serving the Lord and I couldn´t be happier. :) Life is good. I have two more weeks left here in B2 and I´m excited and sad at the same time. It´s time for me to go, I feel like, but it´s so weird to think about basically starting over somewhere else. But I´m just planning on working hard! I love you all!! Sorry again, have a GREAT WEEK!!! 

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