Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015 Letter

The first week in the North has been awesome, I´ve been loving it so much. We´re really working hard here and trying to figure out the best way to do this- it´s SO different than Madrid. Like, in B8, I was in the biggest ward in Madrid, one of the biggest in the entire country, and now I´m here in this teeny tiny branch of 50 active members and it is just so different. Also, yes, it is the first day of June, and yes, I am wearing a sweater and a scarf. A little bit different, but it´s all good! Oh there is just so much to tell you and I have no idea how to fit it all in... I guess I´ll just do what I can! 

I´m glad to hear that Diego emailed you, we weren´t sure if I was going to have time to email so he told me that he could fill you guys in.  I miss that family a lot. That´s been a hard part of this week (missing everyone), but it´s ok! Life moves on. I really do love it here. It´s SO DIFFERENT. Ok. I seriously feel like I´ve been called to a different mission, being here and everything. 

Ok so Gijón, Gijón. It´s little. The city is little, the branch is little, the people are little! It is basically all Spanish people, which makes contacting a little bit harder but also a lot more fun. I have, in the past week, really grown to love the Asturian people (Asturias is the state that we´re in, Gijón is the city). I have faith that we´re going to be able to baptize a few of them and see some results!! I know it´s possible. It´s not going to be easy, but it will be possible! We talked in district meeting about the vision that we have for our areas, and the next day in companionship study Hermana Stephenson and I talked about it and had some deep thinking, and decided that this was our vision- "Find people that will be a strength and strengthen people so that they can find". The branch here has had a string of baptisms that have later gone completley inactive. Which is like, the opposite of what we are trying to do. What´s the point of baptizing somebody if they later just go inactive?? I don´t get it. So we are working on finding Spaniards that will stay here and stay strong. It´s poco a poco, but I know that we are going to see success. I know I¨m here for a reason and that if I listen to the Lord and to His spirit, I can play the part that he needs me to play. We don´t have a ton of investigators right now. We´re teaching an 11 year old named I. who is awesome, but he needs his mom´s permission to get baptized and he doesn´t have it. So our goal is to get the family involved in the lessons and teach them the best we can. We have a few more people that are really good, but not a lot. We´ve found some good people on the street, as well, and we´ve been knocking a lot of doors. That´s been interesting. But little by little, this is gonna work out!! I love it here,

 I really do. My companion is awesome.  We have the same work ethic, the same love of the Gospel, and the same sense of humor. So it´s been a huge blessing to be with her. We´re really happy and we work hard to improve every day. 

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