Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19th, 2015 Letter


Today we hiked the Cristus statue in Oviedo again, but this week we did it a little differently. We took off at 5:45 in the morning so that we could see the sunrise. Expect there was one problem- there was no sunrise. It was cloudy and rainy and sooo cold. But we did it! It was a great adventure. The pictures I sent basically describe pretty
accurately how freezing cold and cloudy and foggy it was. I only fell down once- and have not ceased to receive crap about it from every single member of my district. I enjoyed it. But I'll probably never do it again- hardest 30 minute hike of my life. Holy cow.

Also, this week, we got permission from President Pack this week to visit the Seventh Day Adventist church. We have an investigator who is a really active member of their church, T. We ran into him on the street and he invited us to come, seeing as he's come to our church once. So we got permission  and went. His family invited us over to
eat with them afterwards, so it was a really full Saturday with the Adventists. I don't know why, but I was really nervous walking in! We definitely got some weird looks, but the people were really nice. I think I was nervous that they were gonna pull out some weird stuff from the Bible that I had never heard about and make me doubt things
in my testimony or something. But it was so the opposite. They are really, really good people with great beliefs and there are a lot of active families that come and seem really happy. They practice their faith and have a really great faith in Jesus Christ which I admired a lot. But I didn't feel the Spirit there. Not at all. They talked a lot
about the Bible. They know a lot about Bible. They talked about why they worship the Sabbath on Saturday and not on Sunday.  They sang some songs but as I was sitting there, I just got this overwhelming feeling of peace and I had the though, "I know my church is true! Nothing they can say could sway me from that. I know what I know and
what I've felt and I have no doubt that it's true". And it was a really relieving moment for me. I think we hear a lot about the importance of keeping our testimonies strong and our faith strongly rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And we hear that so much, at times, that I think we forget that maybe we really DO have strong testimonies. We should never be content with our testimonies, it's a daily nourishment thing. But we can trust in what we do know. I need to give myself more credit, I think! I know the Church is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith was and is a Prophet of God. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know that Christ lives and is always here for us, in every moment. I know it through experience, prayer, fasting and faith. And it makes me grateful to be able to say that. Lunch with his family was really wonderful. They're an amazing family that they were so kind and welcoming to us. They asked us a lot of questions about our beliefs and we did our best to answer them and bring the Spirit. I don't know if they will ever change their beliefs. I don't know if that was the purpose in all of this. But they accepted us into their house and listened. And that meant a lot. We created a great friendship with them and I was grateful for that. It was a good experience. 

This week I was so grateful for my Heavenly Father and His love and patience for me. I love Him and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know they live.
I love you all, have a wonderful week!

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