Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Letter

Hi Family!!

Ok so I'm staying in Gijon!! I'm so happy that I get to end my mission
here. It's been such a good run and I'm excited to keep on working
here and giving it all I've got until the very end. I've been thinking
about things that I want to get better and improve on this transfer. 
 I'm excited for the best month of my mission! :)

This week was a great week. We went down to concilio again on Monday.
It's always a good,spiritual high to be there. We slept over at the
mission home, which is my favorite thing to do. We have family prayer
with the Packs and then we just sat around for awhile, talking with
them, before going to bed. That morning we helped Hermana pack make
pancakes- it just feels like being back the United States for a half a
second. I like it. Concilio was really good. We talked a lot about
member work and ways to better it in our areas. It gave us good Ideas
and perspective on what we can do better in Gijon.
Then, we took the train back, planned the zone meeting that night on
the train with the elders, standing up in the cafeteria, the zone
meeting that we were going to give the next day. I hate planning
meetings. That's the main thing that I've pulled out of this sister
training leader thing. Actually, it's ok, I don't mind it, but it's
just hard. Hermana Santiago and I talked about talking to everybody
and different ways we can do that and how accessing the Atonement
gives us greater desires to share the Gospel with everyone that
crosses our path. It was a good topic and something that really helped
me learn.

Getting back to Gijon was awesome, as usual. We had some good lessons
with a few investigators. Finding new investigators has been hard the
entire time I've been here, but I have so much animo to go find some
new ones this week. F. has been investigating for so long and he
still has it very clear that he's getting baptized, which is a
blessing. I'm grateful to be able to work with him. We've been teaching
the boyfriend of a menos activa, L. His name is M. and he came
to church for the first time this week! He's awesome. L. is a huge
support to him and that is a huge help. Hopefully we'll get to
continue to see him a lot- he works in a town pretty far out of Gijon,
so we can only see him on weekends. This week he cooked Cuban food for
us and it was INCREDIBLE. Not to mention L.'S daughter, la Peque,
gave us makeovers before we ate. It was hilarious. She smeared blue
eyeshadow all over Hermana Santiago and she effectively made her look
like she was 13 years old. I was loving it. Until she did the same to
me... Haha. A lot of people came to church this week. There were a lot
of the elders investigators there, but a lot of menos activos came as
well. It was a beautiful sight to see. :) I loved it a lot.

 I know the Savior is right by my side, helping me through everything. This is
His work! Not mine. So I just need to continue to trust in Him.
I love you!! Sorry about the short email. 


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