Monday, September 8, 2014

Excerpts from September 8, 2014 letter

 Well, this week was super awesome! Probably the best week that I´ve had since getting out to the field. We actually made that our goal when we were planning for the last week- we wrote BEST WEEK EVER above our weekly goals so that we would have to live up to it. It worked! So on Tuesday we had a pretty normal day. We work with a lot of menos activas and conversos recientes, which is super good and something that I really love doing. 

Los J. L. are doing GREAT! They love the Book of Mormon. J. L. #1 said that he feels something in his heart everytime he reads it, which is so beautiful. The hardest things with them will be finding someone that can pick them up and drive them to church (nobody has cars here), helping them quite smoking, and also helping them see that believing in the Saint is not a part of the Gospel. But they love us, they love the Book of Mormon, and they both know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. So that´s going so well. 

Ok, I saved the best for last this week! We had a miracle in the form of a homeless Romanian guy. His name is V. and we met him on a bench last week. He speaks hardly any Spanish, but we talked to him anyways and managed to set up another cita with him, on that same bench. Thing is, though, is that we then had something with the Ward get planned at the last minute on that same day at the same time, so we couldn´t meet with him. But then, walking home from futbol the other day, we ran into him again! We apologized for not being able to come and invited him to come to Noche de Hogar with us that night. He came! He came to both English class and Noche de Hogar and LOVED IT. He´s 25 and he´s recently homeless. I´ll explain. From what little we could understand and what little he could say, it turns out that his whole family was killed in Romania, and he moved to Spain to a) save his life and b) find work. He can´t find work, is the problem. His friends with an apartment disappeared so he now has nowhere to live but the streets. He´s so shy and so, so nice. We ended up buying him dinner with the Elders after Noche de Hogar and he was so grateful. I think it was the first food he had had for awhile. He came to church with us on Sunday and stayed the whole three hours and we have another cita with him on Tuesday of this week. He loves us, and the Elders. He feels like we´re his friends, and you can tell that he´s just so grateful for it, because he´s alone right now. Completely alone. So pray for V! There´s a member in our ward from Romania that speaks Spanish and English, so she´s going to be helping us teach him. He´s amazing and this Gospel is going to change is life. I´m so excited to see where he continues to go in his life, hopefully we can help him get back on his feet, a little bit. 

Spain is my favorite place ever! I kept having moments this week where it would just hit me that I´m a missionary for La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias in Madrid Spain and it just gives me the chills every single time. I love it. I´m starting to feel at home here in Metro Stop Quintana. I love my life and I really just love this Gospel. This week I learned a lot about the life of Joseph Smith and about the Book of Mormon, just by reading it in Spanish more and more. I love the Prophet Joseph. I´m so grateful that we have a way to know whether or not he was a prophet of God, and that evidence is something that we can hold in our hands and close to our hearts. I love the Book of Mormon. I really do. It answers every concern that an investigator could have. It´s pretty incredible. It´s just the best work ever and I am so blessed to be a part of it. 


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