Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014 Letter

Hellloooo Familia!!!

This week was SO much better than last week! Ok so last week was fine, I guess, but this week definitely got a whole lot better and I´m determined to make the next week better, too! To answer your questions first, though...

  Spain is definitely my kind of place! The weather has cooled down a TON (thank goodness). We have actually started wearing cardigans and jackets and I love it!! The trees have yet to change but I´m excited for that. Fall is in the air and it´s awesome!

Oh also I wanted to mention that I got Jake´s typed email about Mac and Cheese and I laughed for a solid 10 minutes and then periodically for days after that. He´s so cute. "Ok I have to go eat my mac and cheese now! I miss you have a good week!". Classic. I´m keeping that forever and then when he´s on a mission I´ll have my kids write him the same sort of things. :) I´m excited to get the rest of the letters! They make my week! Hopefully you will get mine soon.

This week was super awesome. A lot of work with our same investigators and some work with some new ones, as well! So life is good! V. is doing super well spiritually. He asks every single day when he can be baptized. The only problem is that President told us that he needs to be temporally self-sufficient before he can get baptized. So that is taking some work. But we have complete faith that everything is going to be alright! He has almost been taught everything and then we think we´re just going to keep going through all of the lessons until he is on his feet and we can baptize him. He´s super excited for General Conference this weekend (as we all are). We get to go with all of our investigators to Pavones (where the temple is) and watch all of the sessions there. Everyone is really excited! I can´t wait. Rumor has it that we get to watch it in English, so that will be AWESOME. There is a lady that lives in our ward boundaries but actually goes to a different ward (no idea why) who is from Romania. We got in touch with her and she offered to let us bring him over to have a lesson with her! When we were there she realized he didn´t have a home and she offered to let him stay in an extra room that they have there for a couple nights. It was such a HUGE blessing. He hadn´t slept in three days at that point and he was just so happy to have a place to shower and sleep. We´re praying that he can find a more permanent situation, so we´ll see how that goes.

 There was a concert last night in Pavones that a senior couple put on as their farewell. We were all invited to come as long as we brought investigators or recent converts. So we brought V. and K. and they LOVED it. It made both of them so happy. V.´s face when he saw the temple for the first time in real life was so awesome. We started talking about the temple with him this week and he is SO excited to go through for the first time. Seeing it for the first time was so incredible for him, it was fun to see. He just kept saying "Gracias por todo. Gracias por todo". He was so in awe. Made me realize what a huge blessing the temple really is for us. And to have 15 in the state of Utah alone?? Incredible. I love the Madrid Temple, though. It´s so beautiful. I´m looking forward to the day when I recieve an email from V. after he goes through for the first time. It´s going to be a huge day for me and Hermana Fuller (and for him, of course).

We had the FUNNIEST thing happen- it was so cute and so funny and just made me happy. So C. and V. know each other a bit. They´ve both been to Noche de Hogar together and church and everything, and we´ve had lessons with both of them there, so they´re starting to become friends. It´s cute because C. just really wants to help V. out. He´s always coming up with ideas that we could do with him. Once, this was his idea- "So I have a group of gays (I think he meant a group of friends that were all gay. But that´s how he phrased it). So what if we had them run an auction so that everybody could bring all their stuff and sell it and then all that money could go to buying Valentin a costume! Then he could wear the costume in Reterio Park and everybody could give him money and that could be his job.".... Seriously have no idea how he strung all those thoughts together into one grand service idea, but that is basically C. in a nutshell. So the other day I guess C. was on the street and ordered some churros and coffee (a really common thing to eat here). He went to eat it and then remembered that he couldn´t, in fact, drink coffee, and was super bummed but was being loyal to God so he stuck with his guns and didn´t drink it. Then, he looked down the street and just happened to see V., sitting on a bench. So he thought to himself, "Hey, I have a chance to help him out!" because C. is a bit of a sweetheart. So he gave V. the coffee and walked away. Then V., also living the Word of Wisdom and being loyal to God, just kind of sat there and stared at the coffee and eventually, once C. was out of sight, just threw it away. They told us the story together and we were laughing so hard. Our two cute investigators, being so faithful and so kind and so confused.. I love it.

This week we saw miracles and I can feel my faith in Jesus Christ growing every single day. I trust in Him and His plan for me, as well as for my investigators. It´s incredible to see how the Atonement literally changes people´s lives. Mosiah 2:41 has been my favorite scripture lately. It just applies so much to all the people that I am working with. I love this chance to be in Spain. Spanish is still so hard and I´m exhausted every single morning when I wake up to the time that I go to bed, but I know that it´s worth it. Every day my goal is to focus on being a disciple of Jesus Christ and doing what He would do. I am His representative to these people, and as huge and as scary as that is, He helps me every day. I want to be like Peter. There is a really good talk that I want you to go find, it´s called "Doubt Not, Fear Not" by President Uctdorf. I watched it this week at a Zone Meeting and it was INSPIRING. Talks a lot about the apostle Peter. Go and read it and then you´ll understand- I WANT TO BE LIKE PETER. :) Oh, and I had a thought this morning- I think that if you guys, as a family, were to buy a Preach My Gospel and start studying from it every day, that would be SO cool. It has strengthened my testimony so much. I think that every member should have and study from one. It just helps the Gospel become something simple and understandable, as well as deep and beautiful and profound. So that´s my Seegmiller family challenge this week. :) I love you all sooooo much!! I miss you and I wish you were here! Life sounds like it´s going great. Tell the fam (extended) that I love them and that I´m excited to see Jami´s baby (in pictures, naturally).

Love you all!

Love, Sam

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