Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2, 2015 Letter

Today was fun- we played basketball and soccer with a bunch of missionaries from the zone, and then went to lunch with my elders from my old district. There´s three elders that I served with in B2 that really did become my best friends out here, and one of them is going home today, so it was good to spend some time with them again. One of their families just moved to Riverton. He´s a good friend and a good missionary. The friends that I´ve made here are some of the best I´ve ever had, it´s a part of the mission that I wasn´t expecting but that I love a lot.

We´ve been working on contacting more on the bus and on the metro and that´s brought some success. We had a really interesting lesson on a bus with this Spanish guy the other day. He didn´t want to give us his number, but we casually chatted about the Plan of Salvation and how he can be with his family forever. I hope something pricked his heart.

Something that we´ve been working on, as well, are our mornings. We´re good at waking up on time but it´s hard to get going a veces. The solution, we´ve found, is running. We exercise a lot in piso but going running is really the only way to truly wake up and get going. Jeffery R Holland once said "Tell me how your mornings go and I´ll tell you how your mission goes". Pretty fuerte, but it´s true! When your mornings are crap, your day is crap, and when your morning is spot on, your day is spot on. So we´ve been having spot on mornings lately and the days have been awesome, as well.

What else, what else... tranfers were this week! Nothing to huge happened. I got called to be Sister Training Leader in my zone, which I¨m nervous about. It´s not a huge deal, but that´s the only thing that changed. We got failed a lot this week, as well, and given a lot of false numbers. Not sure what the difference was, but sometimes that just happens. We´re working on contacting better, not just more, but having quality contacts. It´s something hard, but worth it. I had some great studies this week and I´m so stoked for General Conference that´s coming up!! It´s gonna be awesome.

Also, we got to go to the temple with our zone and that was beautiful. There were 2 zones of missionaries there and we were all in the Celestial Room together. Looking around at all the missionaries was something really special. I´m so grateful for the temple here and the blessings that it brings to the work. People really can feel the difference there, in the grounds and everything. It´s beautiful.

What else.. really, just a normal week. Hard work, happy days. Nothing too funny and nothing to crazy. I got spit on. That was cool. I love Madrid a lot. Have I mentioned that before?? Haha. It´s a special place and I´m so lucky to be here. I love my companion and the ward here. They´re special people. I wish I had the time to tell you the story of each and every person that I´ve met- every person is loved, every person is special and every person has a story. It´s something that I´ve learned and that I´m so grateful for.

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