Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23rd, 2015 Letter

I absolutely and 100% hit a midlife crisis this week. I realized that I was halfway done with my mission around Wednesday, and basically just had ganas to cry till, well, till today. It´s been messing with my head. I don´t want to come home (nothing personal, but I just don´t want too), and I feel like I´m starting to be able to see the end of the road and I DON´T WANT TO SEE THAT PART OF THE ROAD!! It´s scary! I´m way more comfortable here, as a missionary, then I will be at home, as a non missionary, in 9 months. AHHH.. ok let´s not talk about this anymore.

Sorry, I´m a little bit on edge today. It´s been a really stressful week, to be honest. People have failed us SO MANY TIMES. We literally had one day where we got failed 8 times. We walked around in the rain, all day, and it was really, really hard. We came home and the other hermanas that we live with were there and they had had a bad day too and we all just sat down together and cried on my bed. There´s days like that, a veces. I feel like I´m doing what I can but it´s just getting frustrating. It´s frustrating because it´s like, people! We have the truth! We have what you are looking for! We have peace and answers and hope and it´s all REAL!! And they just don´t listen, don´t believe, or worst of all, they just don´t care. There were a lot of little miracles in this week, too. A few examples:

We have been trying to find new menos acitva families to teach and we found one! They live super, super far away but they are amazing and they want to share the Gospel with people and have noche de hogars in their house and it was just such a tender mercy. They were thrilled to have us there and we had some really deep, interesting doctrinal conversations while we were eating lunch with them, so that was cool.

D. is on track for the temple! She has an interview with the Bishop coming up on Sunday to get a recommend and go do baptisms with Diego soon. I´m excited for her and she´s so awesome. She takes every opportunity to bear testimony at Church and I love listening to her. She´s been an awesome example to me.

A woman named J. who we have been teaching for a really, really long time finally came back to Church on Sunday, with her two kids! She´s a member and she´s wonderful, but something has been really holding her back. But she came. It was a beautiful moment and we´re hoping that that trend can continue and she can continue to be an example for her kids and her family.

We played futbol in the rain this morning and it was the funnest thing I´ve done in a REALLY long time. D. skipped school and came with us. We had a blast and I managed not to hurt myself too badly.. it was fun. I wanna change the dicho a little bit from "Learn to dance in the rain" to "Learn to play soccer in the rain"... get it? :)

This week should be better. I´m really hoping so. I found some amazing scriptures this week that really helped me and helped me know what to do better. I know that the Lord speaks to us through His sacred scriptures and that they are our guidance for every situation. I know that weeks like this are huge blessings, in the end, because we can´t change without a little bit of pressure. I´m grateful to be a missionary and to be doing this work! I¨m so humbled by the Atonement and I hope to continue to understand it better and better in my life.

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