Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 9, 2014

Hello Everyone!!

Hello from Madrid! This week has been awesome. A lot like last week, but that´s great! I LOVE being a missionary. I´ve been thinking about what I most want to tell everyone about my life here this week, and I´ve come up with a few things that I think are worthy candidates for this email. I wish I could somehow tell you everything, but seeing as that is not a possibility and also that probably no one wants to know that much, I think this will suffice.
My compañera and I have become best buds! We stick together mostly because we have to,but I like to think part of it is because we actually really like being together. We both eat an orange at every meal, like raw peppers, have seen all the same 1986 Aerobics National Championship Youtube videos (pre mish, of course), and we work really well together during lessons (that means when I run out of the 10ish Spanish words that I know by heart, she covers for me). We do situps together every morning in our skirts and she laughs at all my incredibly unfunny jokes. She is my better half (that sounds a little weird but it´s true). As we say in Spanish, I fall for her. In Spanish saying “me gusta mi compañera” or “I like my companion” has a weirdly inappropriate meaning, but it´s normal and acceptable to say that you fall for your companion. I don´t know, Spaniards are nuts.
The Park this week was incredible! My park companion and I talked to so many people, and none of them yelled at us or shooed us away. Maybe a few, but I don´t really remember. A ton of them spoke English, which ruled, and we had 3 or 4 genuinely interested people. We got their contact information to give to the missionaries in the field. The best contact we had was Lorenzo. He was this crusty old man who seemed genuinely interested and excited to hear about the Gospel. He was so kind. I just had the feeling that we was waiting for us. Hopefully the field missionaries will contact him.

Ok, funniest story before I have to finish this up. So we are teaching two “investigators” right now. They are actually just our teachers, acting like investigators. It´s cool because they have a story, we meet with them everyday, and it feels so real. Like, the other day we thought we were going to have to cancel our appointment with one of our investigators. I was going to tell my teacher/investigator and I thought, “Well, I´ll tell Hermano Gigorgino, but who is going to tell Mark (his investigator name)?” They are two separate people, in my mind. So anyways, yesterday we were teaching Mark and Juana (Hermano and Hermana Giorginoo) in the foyer on the 6th floor. The foyer is right next to the kitchen and the elevator, so people are in and out of our lessons all the time. Usually Mark will joke and say “Oh, that´s our cook” or “that´s our butler”. It´s really funny. So as we were teaching yesterday, I was in the middle of talking about keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and this random, really fat boy got out of the elevator. I laughed a little and tried to say, “Oh, is this your cook?” The word for cook is cocinero and the word for food is very similar, being comida. Being the idiot that I tend to be sometimes, I actually ended up saying, “Oh, is this your food?”. They lost it. They couldn´t keep their straight faces in the slightest. I called this hugely fat guy their food, right in the middle of a lesson. We were all laughing so hard to the point where it completely ruined our lesson. Afterwarrds, Hermana Giorgino told me that was the funniest thing she´s ever heard in a practice lesson like that, and she´s been working here for almost 2 years. So yes, my name will forever live in infamy here at the Spain CCM.
Well guys, the church is true! It´s so true. The Atonement is real and incredible and so undeniably beautiful. The Gospel is for everyone- I know that. When we stick to the basics of the Gospel, everything else will make sense. Jesus Christ is our one hope and our way back home and I´m so grateful for Him. I miss you and love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Love, Hermana Seeg
PS- There was a talk given by Elder Bednar at the Provo CCm a few years ago about following the Spirit. Look it up, it´s incredible!!

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