Friday, July 25, 2014

Thursday, July 24th

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I got sooo many letters this week which was so fantastic, tell everyone thank you so much! Parker´s hasn´t got here yet but I got two from you and one from Mia and one from Jake. It was funny because there is this Elder that I´m super good friends with and every day I get super excited about getting mail and when I don´t get any he says "Seegmiller. Accept it. They´re just not writing you!!" But then I got so many this week! So that shut him up. haha.

I love the CCM!! I love my friends here and I´m going to be really sad to see everyone leave, but I guess that´s just what happens. I´m so excited for the field, though!

I´m finally figuring out how to send you a few pics, hopefully this works! Last week for P-day we went to downtown Madrid and walked around. I tried to take a few cool pics for you guys, it´s so beautiful here!! The buildings and history behind them are unreal. We saw the Palace of the King and a big ole Cathedral that was so beautiful. For some reason they didn´t let my group go inside which kinda disappointed me but I guess I have more time to do  that

This week was awesome! The park was great, we met a lady from Tennesse that we talked to for awhile. My Spanish is coming along well! Slowly but surely. P day was great and I love going to the temple! Not a ton to report, I´ll write another letter soon with more deets about my mish life. I love it out here!! So so much. Spain is my place. It´s the happiest I´ve ever been. I love serving the LORD!!!!  


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