Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sam's first letter from Spain

Thursday, July 3 2014

Hey Everyone!!

Ok so I have no time but I just wanted to tell you that I love you all so much!! I got and read all of your emails and will try to  respond as the weeks go on. I just have such little time to email!!

But this week has been the best! We got to Spain last Tuesday and it´s been a whirwind ever since! I love it! Spain is beautiful, but I haven´t seen much of it yet. The CCM is awesome. There are 23 missionaries here right now, and we´re like one big happy family! I love my friends here, especially my district and most especially my companion, Hmn. Merrill. She´s so wonderful! Every day we study the Gospel and Spanish all day, and we have two investigators that we teach every day.They are teachers play acting, but it feels SO real it´s so crazy. We love the experience, although it´s so hard to teach in Spanish!! Every day we play soccer outside for an hour. It´s so cool. All the little Spanish kids come and play with us, they love the missionaries!! I´m making a name for myself in the soccer aspect of things, mainly because I´m the only Hermana that can kind of keep up with the Elders. Haha

On Saturdays we take the metro to the huge park downtown and teach people that walk around the park!! It´s like the scariest thing ever but so great. I can understand mostly everything that people say, but I´m having a hard time speaking still. I guess it´s only been a week, though, so I have time to learn!! On Sundays we sing as a choir in front of the temple and that´s really fun. People come and listen because they love the missionaries around here! The CCM is right next to the temple, so we go every Thursday! It´s wonderful.

I love being a missionary and my testimony has grown so much! I´m so happy here and I´m so grateful that Heavenly Father knows and loves us so so much and knows exactly what we need. Everything about my mission so far just feels so perfect for me, specifically, and that's been a huge testimony builder.

I´m so sorry I didn´t have more time, but I will definitely write more next Thursday!! I love you all!! Have an amazing week!

Love, Sam

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