Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday, July 31 2014

GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT I LEAVE FOR THE FIELD IN 5 DAYS CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? Because I sure can´t. Time is a strange entity her at the CCM. You know how they say that to God, 1000 years is a day? Or something like that? I think in this world of representatives of Jesus Christ, we get a smidgeon of this perception. Because I´ve never, ever experienced longer days and I´ve also never, ever been so surprised when a week flies by so quickly. Time is in the eye of the beholder and at this point in the CCM, I´m one exhausted and rather messed up beholder.
Messed up is probably a negative term, and I most definitely am not trying to be negative! I love the CCM and all that comes with it, so much. There just comes a time in any young, greener-than-green missionary´s life where the nest of the CCM starts to feel too small. Maybe it´s the comedor carbs fattening them up, or perhaps their ever-growing stack of study materials has reached the max capacity of their tiny, 3 story nest (I´m switching from metaphor to reality and back again here, sorry). No matter the reason, this little, chappa-wearing bird is ready to stretch her wings and fly the coop. It´s time for my mommabirdcoughteacherscoughalsobabysitters to pick me up and throw me out. I´ll probably fall pretty hard. But Adam fell too, and he ended up ok (reference- PMG Chapter 3, lesson , Plan of Salvation, 3rd paragraph). So if Adam survived, I can too. This baby bird is heading out! I´m getting dropped, head first into Spain- jokes on me because I still don´t know Spanish. But it´ll come. Life is good. Let´s fly. 
This week has been great, though, in all seriousness. I wish I had some incredible, life changing and potentially Ensign-making material to share, but unfortunately, that is not the case this week. ON Monday, I studied Spanish and the Gospel, played futbol and ate. On Tuesday, I studied Spanish and the Gospel, played futbol and ate. On Wednesday, I studied Spanish, played futbol and ate. Thursday-HA! Gotcha. Thursday is the ever predictable plot twist of my week. This time it came in the form of bowling at the mall. Wow it was weird to wear jeans and hear music and thrust my fingers into the nasty, germ filled confines of a bowling ball. But I survived the weirdness and it was good. The best part of Thursday was... well, in reality it was the temple because who doesn´t love the temple? I did the session in Spanish for the first time and it was beautiful, if not understandable. But the second best thing was the devotional that we listened to by Elder Bednar. He talked about how the Gospel is divided into 3 parts- doctrines, principles and applications. Often, we as members focus too much on the applications rather than the doctrine, and that is where misunderstanding and, as a result, disobedience occurs. If we choose, however, to focus on the doctrines-the pure and simple truths of the Gospel- we will understand and have the desire to obey. It was amazing. IN the midst of the war of words about this issue or that within and without the Church, where is the easiest place to find peace? The veracity and simplicity of the Doctrine of Christ. We have access to all of it- just read 2 Nephi 31 or Mosiah 4 or, what the heck, just read The Book of Mormon. The Bible. Pray. We have the truth and the answers and most importantly, we have Heavenly Father. He is our answer and He always will be. Our only job? Read D&C 11:20- 
When I email next, I´ll be a real life, living, breathing, door knocking and street contacting missionary! I could not be more scared, excited, and inadequate. But it´s ok, because Christ is adequate. This Gospel is His great novel of life, and I´m just the pencil. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! I love you all!! Until next week! 
Hermana Seeg.

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