Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2105 Letter *My release date is December 8th*

Hey Fam!!
How are you?? That's nice of what Sister Knapp said. She's a really nice lady. She told me that my Spanish was good, as well, which I was so happy about- she's a Spanish professor!! She knows what she's talking about! Haha. I think she was just being nice, honestly, but I do really like her. It was fun to have her family here for a few weeks, they literally almost doubled the size of active members in the branch, which is always fun.

I got the email about my release date, as well. I was shocked! I couldn't believe it. I'm not ready to come home- there's so much left to do! I'll probably feel like that up to the date of my release, though. I am working on being more accepting of the fact that I do have to go home eventually. I'm mentally trying to make myself excited, and I've set a lot of goals so that I'm busy and working. I am excited to see all of you again, that's for sure. It feels like a really long time since I've seen all of you. One of the reasons that I've been grateful to be here is because I think it's helped me a gain a greater appreciation of what a great family I have and how much I love you! I never realized quite how blessed I was. It's seriously strengthen my testimonies of families so so much. So anyways. I've got 4 more wonderful months left here, and then a lifetime of wonderful months there! Just gotta make the most of it :) I really like what you've said about making it the best 6 then 5 then 4 months of my mission. I've been really trying to do that and I feel so good. It's been such a good process for me to realize that i can and should continue to improve, and that God doesn't wait for perfection to be pleased. I could possibly finish in Gijon, but I don't think I will, it would be a long time in one area. And Hermana Stephenson and I definitely won't be together the whole time,  transfers are this week and we're thinking that she'll probably be leaving. But we'll see. :)
The plans for the Europe trip sound great! I'm excited for that. Europe is amazing, especially Spain. Honestly, I just want to visit all my areas and see everybody. I love them so much! 

Ok so I'll tell you about my week now. It's been a really good mix of everything missionary. We contacted a lot, knocked a lot of doors. We got a member reference which is a big deal up here, but he's actually an apostate member, so we can't really count it. Kind of a weird situation, but his mother in law that we started teaching is really really sweet. We found this Spanish guy on the street and even though he didn't want anything, we ended up getting all of his information, went back and taught him with a member, and he said he would read and wants us to come back. That was cool,honestly. I really felt the Spirit testifying so strongly to him, and I know that Heavenly Father loves him so much. We taught P. a lot this week and she's doing really good. She still has this weird fear of baptism but I think she's slowly but surely getting over it. She has a hard home life right now but we talked a lot yesterday about setting goals so that she can make a better future for herself. I think she's starting to see the link between the Gospel and the Church and living a better life. She's young but wonderful- we just need a little bit more time with her. We've seen a lot of great
miracles with her. The Dhinese man is great, as well. He was so excited to get the Book of Mormon in Chinese! I'm trying to give you a good run down of the week but I'm realizing its impossible, especially with the limited time that I have. It was just so good. So spiritual,so hard at times, but hard in a good way. We had time with investigators and times the street and everything in between. Oh, and F. is doing great. Turns out he's basically always lived the word of wisdom and he's plays soccer on the beach from time to time. It's like, come on! I'm teaching a Spanish soccer playing man. How much more blessed could I get? I'm really loving it here and loving what we're doing. Everything is just so good. Not perfect, but good. And that's all we need.

I love you all so much, I hope your week is wonderful. I pray for you everyday. I'm sorry this email is short and lame, but it's all I've got time for today- we'll see if we find more time later on. I really am happy and we just keep on keeping on! I'll let you know about transfers next week. Love you all so much!!


Teaching with my companion, Hermana Stephenson

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