Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 2, 2015 Letter

 Anyways. I just decided that I don't care about how little time I have left, I'm just gonna work to improve and get better every single day, just like I have up until this point on my mission. Just keep trying and relying on God and learning through Him. That will bring the greatest happiness.

This week has been really good, actually. Not anything super special, just a good, solid, hard working week. On Tuesday all of our plans failed and we literally walked around for 5 and a half hours. Straight- and NOBODY listened. And we weren't just walking around aimlessly, we were actively trying to talk to everyone and knock buildings and literally nobody listened. But weirdly, we didn't get too upset about it. I felt really peaceful the whole day. I think Heavenly Father was helping us so much. The next day, we went and visited a menos activa lady without calling, and she ended up making dinner for us,  which we didn't want her to do but we didn't know how to stop her without offending her. Even though we weren't out on the street walking around and getting rejected, I felt a whole lot worse about being with the menos activa for almost two hours then I did walking around for 5 and a half. It just was a lesson that I had to learn again- the hard things bring the greatest blessings. So the rest of
the week I made an extra effort to talk to as many people as I could and to just work as hard as I could and use time as wisely as I could, of course with the constant companionship of my lovely companion, and it went really well. We contacted this Chinese man and he came to church and wants to meet again. That was pretty cool. F. is doing great. We made him a baptismal calendar and he loved it, and I've never had anyone understand covenants so well. It was amazing!! P. came back from camp and she's still doing great, as well. She found the blog and has been reading it- so cute. She's amazing and we're so grateful for her!! She came to church and loved it. Oh, and CHURCH!! I forgot about this. First of all, we had 3 investigators there, which is a big deal. And then all the youth came back from EFY that they had down near Madrid. Our youth are a little bit verging on inactive, almost all of them. There aren't any Diegos here. But they all got up and bore their testimonies and it was INCREDIBLE. EFY seriously changed their lives. Everyone was crying, especially the
young women's president, Natalia. She just kept saying- it's such an answer to so many Prayers!! It was such a cool moment for everyone. So yeah, this week was good. We're just gonna keep on keeping on and believing that miracles can and will come.

I've felt the spirit a lot this week and felt very close to my Savior. I'm trying to learn how to immediately apply His atoning sacrifice and how to connect that to other people better. It's been really good. I'm excited for this week and to continue to make the next 5 months the best of my mission. I love you all so much!!

Hermana Seegmiller and Hermana Stephenson

I love it when members feed us!!

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