Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 20th, 2015 Letter

 A bit of consistency in this crazy life that I´m living is the best thing ever. Like, every single day on the mission is different. You never, EVER, wake up knowing what to expect. For example, yesterday I woke up thinking, ok today we will go to church, go eat lunch with some members, and then teach 4 lessons and contact and come home. Those are the expectations. Then reality hits and what that seemingly normal day turns into is: getting a spiritual prompting during studies to leave early and go pick up your investigator for church, going and she doesn´t come so you´re not actually sure why you went (still not sure), then going to church, getting an AWESOME member reference there, trying to explain why we do baptisms for the dead to that same awesome member reference while the Gospel Doctrines teacher ends up talking about temple ordinances to people that have never heard anything about the church before, running to the member´s house with a MA family and trying to entertain their little girls on the train with the "Silent Game" (never seen that work so well), getting there, having another little girl put her chapstick all over her legs and then insist on wearing your chappa all while I´m trying to learn Dominican catch phrases from her parents, going to teach our lessons, one to a guy that was once in jail and then calling a drunk guy to repentance on a park bench (yes that is literally what happened), then teaching a crazy Nigerian that had questions about who Jesus´s grandmother was (um.. what?) and then eating the spiciest food ever (Nigerian) and trying not to cry or cough or throw up and meanwhile, look like you´re enjoying it. Actually, I´ve had worse. Nigerian food, that is. So yeah. Like I said, thank you for being my CONSISTENTLY awesome family. It really does mean the world.

Funny stories, funny stories... ok. So the Elders in our district we´re teaching this woman named C. and her husband, who isn´t a member. We started visiting them, too, because she was having problems with depression and in her marriage and stuff and she jus tneeded some women to talk too. So we´ve been visiting them and her husband started being in our lessons and listening and everything. He´s really a cool guy and actually has a really strong testimony, just has never gotten baptized for some reason. Then, this week, we called C. to confirm our lessons and she told me that it was fine that we were coming, but that I needed to call the Elders and tell them that they couldn´t come anymore because her husband didn´t want them too. I was kind of like, what the heck? But I called them and told them what she said, and the Elders were fine with it because apparently S. wasn´t progressing, anyways. Then, we taught them some really spiritual lessons, and much to our surprise, S. showed up to church on Sunday for the first time in 2 years. HE CAME. It was incredible. And I was just laughing because I felt a little bit bad for sort of stealing him from the Elders, right when he was about to start progressing. I just think some people need Elders and some need sisters... haha. It was so cool and a little bit funny.

Spiritual- Just know that I know that God loves us and puts people in our paths. That´s all. Plain and simple testimony this week.

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