Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter/Conference Letter April 6, 2015

This week was incredible, thanks to conference and also Leadership Counsel that I got to go to. It was the best thing ever and I loved it so much. Conference is the best in Spain- everybody comes out to the temple and we all watch it and then picnic together in between sessions. I saw all of my old friends from B2 and all of my current family in B8 all together on temple grounds and it just made for an incredible time. Conference was BOMB. Holy cow. Every single talk had something that I needed, as a missionary and as a normal, breathing person that has worries and questions all her own. I loved it. I couldn´t be more grateful for it. Spanish talks are always the best. I understood them and yes, they were wonderful.  It´s so cool that you all got to go, so jealous! I would love to all go together when I get home. That would be a literal, straight up dream come true. I´ve always wanted to do that.

Leadership counsel changed my mission. All the STLS and ZLs were there and we talked about ways to improve our work as missionaries and holy cow, it gave me so much animo to come back and work harder and talk to EVERYONE. And that is exactly what we have been doing- talking to absolutely everyone. It´s made an difference and it makes me grateful for moments like that when the Spirit testifies to you and gets you going. I´ve been praying to have more spiritual experiences and it really worked out. Just gotta keep going. We´ve been working our bums off and finding some great people. I´ll keep you updated as they start to progress.

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