Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th, 2015 Letter

A lesson failed us and we were with M., who is a recent convert of the Elders (she used to be Jehova´s Witness and then had this incredible conversion story- she´s amazing). She was going to help us in the lesson and when it fell through, she invited us to go over to her house and share a message with her and her daughter. We took her up on it and went back to her house. I had the thought, "Maybe we shouldn´t- M. is doing good, she´s super strong in the Church, we should maybe be out contacting or knocking doors or whatever" but at this point, my companion and I were both about in tears, just so frustrated with the day and down in animo and the Spirit, and I just couldn´t handle the thought of being out in the street and freezing our tails off and trying to get people to listen to us. So we went to her house, and as soon as we got in, the Spirit just hit me SUPER strong. It was incredible. I had been struggling with feeling the Spirit all day, and it was just there so strongly. I knew that it´s where we needed to be. We sat down and taught her daughter, V., who is 8, a little bit about testimonies, and then we ended up watching the restoration video with her and talking about our testimonies of Joseph Smith. And it was so, so spiritual. We walked out of her house SO spiritually edified and just happy. It was cool, but I couldn´t figure it out. Like, we´re here to work. So why did we feel the Spirit so strongly when we weren´t doing the typical "missionary work" of contacting and walking and suffering with a smile? I talked to my district leader, a really good friend of mine, about it during the weekly interview on the phone, and he said that if you´re trying your hardest to be a good, obedient, hard working missionary, the Spirit will not lead you astray. If the Spirit is there, you know that you´re doing the right thing. I learned, with that experience, that God sends us tender mercies. He knows us and He hears our prayers. He confirms our actions and decisions with His Spirit. If we follow the Spirit and take the opportunites that the Lord gives us, He will allow us to be instruments in His hands for other people, while at the same time edifying and helping us. Obviously, that is not something that we´re gonna do often, or maybe even again- but at the moment, it was the right thing. I don´t know why it was so cool, but it just allowed us to do a 360 degree switch in animo, Spirit, and happiness. It was a good experience and it got us ready for this next week, which is going to be wonderful, I know it. 

Life is good. It can be hard sometimes, but that´s just part of the goodness. God answers prayers and I know that. I know I´m His servant and although it´s not always sunshine and butterflies, it´s lessons learned and strength gained, which is worth more, in the long run. I´m gonna keep working as hard as I can and improving everyday. I have SO much left to learn! SO much left to do, and only 8 months to do it!! So I´m just gonna give it all I¨ve got. Drive! I´ve got the drive!! :) 

I love you all so much! I¨m so grateful for my wonderful family, you guys are amazing. I´m grateful to be here and I know that there are blessings in the sacrifice. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. THis week is gonna be amazing. 

Mission Flashback Monday
The hair has grown and I am grateful for that!

With Dora 

With Holly Hardy who is visiting with her husband.
She was one of my YW leaders.

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