Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 30th, 2015 Letter

This week has been good. I honestly don´t understand why the Lord is blessing us so much, because I don´t feel like I deserve it. But I¨m grateful for the miracles that have passed. There have been some funny moments and some sad moments and some really beautiful times when we´ve been able to feel the hand of the Lord helping us so, so much. First of all, though, I just wanna tell you how much I love and appreciate my Savior. I feel so indebted and so grateful to Him. This week has been hard number wise and although we worked really hard, there´s always more that we could do. And despite our weaknesses as missionaries or as people, He still continues to bless us. I don´t know why so many miracles have come this week or why, but I do know they weren´t through me. I had nothing to do with them. They came through the grace of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know He´s intimately involved in all times in our lives. I know He knows us perfectly and He knows what we need and what those around us need, as well.  It´s all about our Savior. And although doing His work and His will is so hard sometimes, it was hard for Him too. Although people may reject or laugh at us, they rejected and laughed at Him too. And although we may feel so completely alone and so completley abandoned, He felt that way too. And yet He overcame that ALL. He rose above it all. He is our Savior and He saves us in EVERYTHING- He didn´t just save our lives physically and spiritually, but when we fall, He picks us up and helps us keep going. He is everything! This work isn´t about anything but Him and His children. And I know that´s true. 

Bench lesson MIRACLES
So we had a few bench lessons this week that were just really amazing. I´ll tell you about the one that happened on Saturday morning. We were walking around Entrevias doing passbys and we saw this younger Spanish lady sitting on a bench, watching her kid play in the sand. I saw her and just KNEW that we needed to talk to her. So we sat down next to her and started talking and she is incredible. She recently gained a testimony of God because she was in a Christian drug rehab center for a year and a half. She said she had really incredible experiences with God and that through that, she knows that He exists. She reads the Bible and is just the kindest person. We are going to see her in her house on Tuesday (thank goodness because let me tell you something, I got FRIED during that bench lesson) and I was just in awe about how God puts people in our path that He has prepared. It was a beautiful experience. 

Also ward list MIRACLES 
So, whilst we were in Entervias, we stopped by for some random members on the ward list that lived there. We found this man named N. that is wonderful. He opened the door and looked like he was going to cry! Mind you, we´ve never met nor heard of him before, but turns out he was baptized by the elders about a year ago, and when the elders that baptized him went home, he went inactive. He was so grateful that we came to find him! We´re going back to see him and poco a poco we´re gonna get him more involved in the Church. Now, keep in mind, the ward list is 23 pages long. He was just a random member that we found on page, like, 17, and he was waiting for us. It was amazing. I walked away from that completely in awe. Then, right after, we rang a random timbre to this cute, Mexican looking house (this is how that conversation went down- I said, "I like Mexicans!"  and then rang the doorbell) and this sweet old woman answered. She let us in and we became friends and guess what?? A year ago, Elders rang her doorbell and gave her a Book of Mormon and she has read half of it. And then we just happened to pass by and find her. It was so amazing, and she loved us. This was the same morning as the bench lesson with the Spanish lady and I just walked away thinking, holy cow, the Lord just completely, 100%, guided our paths. And there wasn´t really any reason to be in Entervias that morning. It´s a bit far away from everything, but we just decided to go because we felt good about being there, and what do you know, it was a morning full of miracles. 

The other night, we forgot our keys and the Hermanas were nowhere to be found, so we ended up going inside with our neighbor and hanging out in her piso for about 45 minutes after curfew. She´s this cute old Spanish lady who is just so nice to us and LOVES her dogs. We were there trying to have a pleasant conversation, ignoring the fact that she was insulting my companion´s Spanish, during which we were also frantically trying to find the other Hermanas. They weren´t answering their phone and they are NEVER late, and we were super scared that maybe something happened to them. We called our district leader, he called the zone leaders, and they called President Jackson. Finally, at 10:45, the Hermanas called us and said, innocently, "What´s going on??" I was like, "You´re 45 minutes late!! Where are you??" Hermana Toone then said, "What are you talking about? It´s 9:45, we have 15 more minutes!" And then I said, "Hermana. It´s 10:45. You are 45 minutes late" And then she started to cry... they read their watches wrong. President Jackson had people out looking for them and they just read their watches wrong... oh my gosh. It was the funniest thing.. well, now it´s the funniest thing. At the time it all sort of freaked us out. That was probably the funniest thing of the week.. 

I´m doing well! Loving the mission about as much as one possibly can. Trying to improve everyday and serve my Father in Heaven well. I´m excited for this next week and what miracles it will bring. I love you all so much, have a wonderful week!! 

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